Resolve 15 Crash Course: LUT Browser

Hey everyone, I want to do a quick overview of one of the exciting new features in Resolve 15: The LUT Browser.

Now previously, to get a LUT put onto your footage, the process looked a little something like this:

  • Right-clink on your node
  • Select LUTs in the drop-down menu
  • Selecting 3D LUT
  • Select the LUT from the drop-down menu

Resolve 14 LUT loading

There was no real easy way of knowing what it would do to your footage unless you had intimate knowledge of each and every LUT you own. This was kinda lame and wasted some time for sure.


Now, with the LUT browser, you simply go up to the LUTs tab, located next to the Gallery and Media Pool Tab, and pick a LUT folder.

This will bring up a visual bin with the LUTs you've put into the Resolve LUT folder, and it will let you mouse-over different LUTs, playing them back to you in real time!

This is awesome! Not only can we see a preview of what the LUT will look like on our footage before applying it, we can easy add the LUT to the node by double-clicking. Talk about beautiful convenience!


Keep in mind there is one draw back to the system, and that is: once you've applied a LUT to a node, if you roll over another LUT in the browser it will be adding that LUT ON TOP of the LUT you've already loaded.

So in order to get the result you want (checking out a different look) you'll need to remove the LUT from your node by right-clicking > Reset Node Grade, then you're ready to preview other LUTs in the browser. A minor issue, but definitely one to be aware of.

All in all, I can't wait to start working this way, I think it will be a huge time-saver! Thanks for checking this out, if you want more info, check us out at



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