Resolve 15 Crash Course: Node Shortcuts

Hey everyone, for this next run-down I'd like to show you a super simple trick that can shave some serious time off of your Fusion projects. No joke. Experts have legit fallen over backwards after learning this trick. Two words for you: Ctrl + Space.

So to show this off I've got a nice little shot here with some text showing us that this guy's name is Jesse.

What I want to do is put a drop shadow under that text bubble. What our normal workflow looked like was: go over to the Effects Library, remembering where Shadow was located in the drop down list, then dragging that node onto the node graph where we want it to live.

Okay so that's not the worst, but what if we could do it faster? 

With the Background Node selected, press Ctrl + Space (For those of you on Mac: Shift + Space).  This brings up a Select Tool search window.

Now just type in Shadow and hit Enter. It adds the shadow node directly after the selected Background node and I can start adjusting parameters. Pretty neat right?

Something to keep in mind, however, is that when you use this shortcut it will add the node to whichever node you have selected. So make sure you know where you are adding it. 

If you want to start a whole new chain, you can click anywhere in the node graph without a node selected and it will add that new node to that spot. You can very quickly build a node tree with the keyboard.

The thing that will really help you out here is learning the abbreviation for all of the nodes. Each node has a quick search input, shown in brackets (-) next to the name.

Once you get to know these quick versions, you can add nodes without even thinking, a quick flash across the keyboard and you have an entire node tree set up. THIS IS POWER.

So there you have it, one simple trick to dramatically step up your Fusion Node times. And with practice you'll be able to build projects as second nature, allowing more time to fine tune the real important parts!

What do you think? Have you tried this technique out? Has it stepped up your game? Let us know! Show us some projects you've been working on and share any tips or tricks with us! And don't forget to check out Our Discord and meet more like-minded people, discuss, and share!



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Todd Groves

For Mac users, the prompt to bring up the Node shortcut is “Shift+Spacebar”.

Todd Groves
Danny O

What does this mean? “Experts have legit fallen over backwards..” Legit? Is this a color correction term I should know?

Danny O

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