Screen Replacement in Fusion

Interested in how to do a Screen Replacement in Fusion? Well we have you covered!
In today's video we walk through our system for replacing a screen element in Fusion. At first it may seem quite simple, just track and replace. However, there are some extra tid-bits that, although seem subtle, will greatly enhance the quality (and believability!) of your screen replacement.

The big takeaway from this video is that while a basic screen replacement is pretty straight forward, it's the small details:

  • Replicating the depth of focus
  • Adjusting the exposure levels
  • Adding ambient glare

These subtle changes add up to big outcomes:

Basic Screen Replacement

Basic Screen Replacement with no final touches


Finessed Screen Replacement

Screen Replacement with added effects.

These extras are what really sell the effect. We see a lot of screen replacements in films that don't take the time to add in these things, and it shows.

Take some time to fineness your effects and people will be impressed!

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